From complex problems
to big impact
with little effort

Don’t waste a good crisis. Adjust your business in Adaptive Strategy Sprints or launch incremental improvements with Digital Business Sprints – see more.

What We Do

Adaptive Strategy Sprints

These workshops are right for you, if you want to explore how external ecosystem forces might impact your business, and how you can adapt to them.

Digital Business Sprints

These workshops are right for you, if you want to get from opportunity identification to realization rapidly within your business function (e.g. HR, Marketing) or capability (e.g. Analytics, IOT).

Outsmart your competition in small steps –
Adaptive Strategy Sprints

Leverage new economic changes with an adaptive strategy and uncover opportunities within your reach with existing resources (asset driven innovation).

Challenges we can tackle together
  • Current market trends for your business
  • Your customer needs
  • Your company capabilities
  • Opportunity analysis
  • The value proposition for your new or adjusted service or product
  • Sketch prototype
  • Business model canvas
  • Next action approach towards realization in small steps.
Exemplary deliverables
  • Create additional services around core products with asset driven innovation in small steps.
  • Differentiate yourself in your competitive environment.
  • Identify a clear direction for the transformation of your business.
  • Adapt to the volatile customer and market demands.
  • Define a vision that focuses on business targets.
  • De-risk innovation investments.
  • Respond to future trends with existing resources.

Speed up your day-to-day business with incremental improvements –
Digital Business Sprints

Embrace short circles of experimentation, improvement, and learning and achieve outcomes quickly.

Challenges we can tackle together
  • A prototype of the desired product, service, process, or function.
  • Actionable steps for the prototype.
  • Definition of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Inspired employees eager to implement and see rapid improvement success.
Exemplary deliverables
  • IT: Decrease project failure rate and break down silos.
  • Marketing: React timely to highly volatile market needs.
  • Sales: Gain new clients remotely.
  • HR: Onboard and inspire newcomers with your company culture in a low touch economy.
  • Finance: Find creative approaches to decrease business function expenditures.
  • Legal: Understand client needs and motivations beyond legal rules and propose human-centric solutions.
  • Production: React to fluctuating demand.
  • Procurement: Meet demands timely and at low-cost.

What people are saying

Marybeth Hill
User Experience Research Lead

“Mehmet was the facilitator and an invaluable contributor to the team. During the time we worked together, Mehmet proved himself as an adept leader.  Leading up to and throughout our Design sprint, Mehmet provided expert tips on both the logistical and technical aspects of the Virtual Design Sprint.

Mehmet is a fantastic team player and I look forward to working with him in the future! “