Turn your creativity into real outcomes with a structured path

Accelerate to the next level, combining proven frameworks such as Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean Startup, and Scrum.

Explore, Create, Implement

Achieve innovative business outcomes in three structured and simple steps.

1. Explore

Rapidly uncover hidden opportunities in your organization and understand the status quo. Align on where you want to go, what is relevant, and what you want to focus on for the next steps.

Exemplary Deliverables
  • Opportunity discovery
  • Defined key opportunities
  • Long term goal determination
  • Problem framing
  • Target group definition
  • User journey

2. Create

Generate a wide range of creative ideas, identify quick win ideas, and discover how to build representative prototypes in a matter of hours and ask for user feedback. Implement rapidly tested solutions in your day-to-day work without further hassle.

Exemplary deliverables
  • Idea generation and prioritized ideas
  • Paper prototype for a product, service, or process
  • Storyboard
  • Digital prototype
  • User tests

3. Implement

Realize your prioritized prototypes in working out the next action steps for your product or service. Get quickly started in your working environment, and save money in implementing the right product/service the right way.

Exemplary deliverables
  • Iterative action approach based on small steps
  • Integration approach into day-to-day processes
  • Definition of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Definition of a Minimum Viable Feature (in case of an adjustment)
  • Handover to project or product management

What people are saying

Tricia O'keefe
Business Strategy and Design

“Holistic in his thinking, organized and kind, Mehmet was able to help a bunch of facilitators reflect in a meta way on the steps and connection points of activities and concepts in the innovation framework, inspiring a sharing out of past experiences which helped foster greater learning for all.

He leads through example and empowers others to step up their game. What a depth of knowledge and experience Mehmet brings to his work! And what curiosity he applies to honing his craft!“