The world is our canvas

As Outcome Creators, we serve clients around the globe in coaching workshops for remote teams working from home.

From real space
to virtual space

How do we keep up with the speed of innovation in a remote world, where co-creation in creative physical spaces is not possible anymore? As your innovation coaches, we organize and facilitate fully remote virtual innovation workshops.

Travel-ban, social distancing, hotel-reservations, or other restrictions will not keep you from innovating.  Everyone participates remotely from anywhere.   

Welcome to the low touch economy.

Work and ideate from home

Even if you are not able to meet in the office - overcome the challenges of the pandemic and continue innovating to the next level.

Innovation with global teams

Don't waste a good crisis. Save time and money for hotel and transportation in leveraging a new way to innovate remotely - together.

Our digital tools for remote innovation workshops

Are you anxious about having to learn completely new tools? We have got you covered. Receive quick and seamless onboarding in minutes during the sessions. 

Microsoft Teams



Visual Collaboration on a Digital Whiteboard



What people are saying

François De Caro
Founder & UX Designer of D-Sprint

“He gets amazing abilities to make a group go in the right direction, able to make participants growing by sharing his knowledge.

His natural leadership and high demands on himself make him an excellent facilitator, passionate, and detail-oriented who has an enormous capacity for organization.

He is a very open person who shares his great experience in remote facilitation and guides the group of sprinters to give their best to reach the best results.

It was a pleasure to co-facilitate with him and to discuss workshop topics. Definitely really pleased to know him and to have been part of his team.”