Become a better innovator in your
day-to-day business

Tap into your own talent and strengths to enable, drive, and sustain innovation in your business-as-usual environment with our remote training offerings.


We customize and tailor our remote training workshops to your busy schedule.

Remote Facilitation Basics

Learn how to organize and run a remote workshop, which tool setup is necessary, and how you deal with team dynamics in front of your screen during the workshop.

Remote Leadership Training

Lead how to lead a team remotely, overcoming technical and communication challenges. Nurture self discipline to achieve results in creating team spirit, and strengthening company culture.

Design Thinking Training

Learn how to solve any problem intuitively and effectively. Experience hands-on learning as you participate in creative brainstorming sessions, storyboarding, and prototype testing while applying design thinking - a human-centric approach to identifying challenges, implications, creating new ideas, and improving them iteratively. If you would like to advance your problem-solving skills, this is the training for you.

Design Sprint Training

Design, prototype, and test ideas with customers for tackling priority business challenges to reduce risk with as little investment as possible, potentially reducing months into a few days. Align your teams under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables.

Innovation Basics Training

Enable your innovation journey by setting the foundation with attitudes that support an agile working environment. Discover and understand the basics of Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Lean Startup, and Scrum.

Innovation Sandbox Workshops

Embed the flexible experimentation of innovative methods for your day-to-day work in a safe space in your company without the hassle to change your organization structure - the lean way.

What people are saying

Robert Skrobe
Founder of the Global Virtual Design Sprint

“Mehmet went above and beyond what anyone expected him to do in his role as lead facilitator.

Whenever the team needed him, Mehmet made a point to be present and available. When he committed to a Sprint, he was 100% active throughout the week, giving insights and direction where it made sense to do so.

In summary, Mehmet is a consummate facilitator and team leader. If you want a successful in-person workshop or a well-executed design sprint process, Mehmet’s your man.”